This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • 2007-2017, what’s next? A competitiveness outlook

    Prof. Stéphane Garelli, Professor, IMD and the University of Lausanne, Founder World Competitiveness Center


    Leonhard Fischer, Member of the Board of Directors at Glencore International

    From classical to jamming!

    Richard De Hoop, passionate entertainer, entrepreneur, author and speaker
    The financial industry is like the music business. It is changing rapidly and has to reinvent itself over and over again. Let’s take music as a metaphor and compare musical instruments to characters of people, where listening and tuning in to each other is key. How developing talents into the lev...

  • Getting ready for takeoff: How InsurTech is driving digital transformation in insurance

    Dr. Claudia Lang, Co-Founder of Community Life GmbH
    While retail banking has been digital to some extent for close to 20 years, insurance is lagging behind in leveraging digital, consumer facing technology. Part of this is due to the low-transactional nature of most insurance products. But another reason is the reliance on a traditional field sale...

    SMEs’ Financing in the Digital Era

    Florence Anglès, Head of Risk Management at Bank Reyl & Cie Ltd
    • SMEs are the main contributors of job creation in Europe and are also a major driver of economies. In Switzerland, they account for two third of employment and over 99% of business companies are SMEs ; • Regulation is a catalyst for new entrants - FinTechs provide alternative...

    More than money: Mehrwert durch Diversity & Flexwork-Modelle

    Yvonne Seitz, Head Diversity & Employer Attractiveness, AXA Winterthur
    Die Arbeitswelt verändert sich: Basis dafür sind der demografische, gesellschaftliche und technologische Wandel. Ein erfolgreiches Diversity-Management, das ältere UND jüngere Mitarbeitende, Männer UND Frauen in den Arbeitsprozess einbindet, wird damit zum wesentlichen Erfolgsfaktor. Wie Vielfalt...

  • Digitale Regionalbank – Symbiose oder Widerspruch

    Sascha Hostettler, Head of Investment and Corporate Clients, Member of the Executive Board of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG
    Der Weg der Regionalbank vis à vis zur digitalsten Bank der Schweiz 2016 Der Wille alleine reicht nicht aus, die Umstände müssen ebenfalls gegeben sein. Wie ein Ecosystem entstehen kann und wie es sich damit leben lässt. 1. Blick zurück - Veränderungen brauchen Zeit! 2. Generationenwechsel...

    Next generation client advisory: Hybrid-robo advisory in banking

    Luc Schuurmans, Head Private Banking (Switzerland), Member of the Executive Board at Bank Linth LLB AG
    • Changes and drivers impacting the wealth management services in the banking industry • Requirements for future investment advisory solutions (e.g. pricing, functionality, segmentation) • First hand insights on a spe...

    Vorsicht vor zufriedenen Kunden: Mit dem Fan-Prinzip Unternehmenserfolg messen, steuern und planen

    Prof. Dr. Gregor Daschmann, Scientific council of «forum! Für beste Beziehungen», and inventor and author of “FAN-Prinzip”
    Die Zufriedenheitsfalle: Das Mehr-ist-mehr Mantra Existenzgrundlage in turbulenten Zeiten: Der Fan-Kunde Die Macht von Ritualen: Fans wollen die Wiederholung Mythos Digitalisierung: Fan-Macher oder Katalysator? „Herzblutfaktor“ Mitarbeiter: Die wahren Fan-Macher Das Fan-Prinzip: Steuerung un...

  • How disruptive is the 4th industrial Revolution?

    Christian Frei, Pioneer in Digital Industrial Revolution, Coach + Talent Gardener, Former Microsoft Executive
    The 4th industrial revolution is changing every business, every industry. Cultural changes, new business models and new technologies are driving this new industrial revolution. But how disruptive is this revolution really? How will it impact the finance sector and other industries? What are th...

    Break-Through for a cashless future: Blockchain and (Central)Bank issued digital money

    Dr. Stefan Jaecklin, Senior Advisor at Lykke Corp
    • Today's digital payment models typically operate on the legacy payment infrastructure and are centrally controlled. Hence, they are costly and often lack consumer's trust due to potential central/institutional control • We expect the break-through in digital payment to come from Blockchain’s d...

    The Value of Artificial Intelligence in the Finance Industry – A critical look back and ahead

    Dr. Michael Baeriswyl, Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Group at Swisscom Enterprise Customers
    Hype or not? There is hope among many people that artificial intelligence will bring the next generation of smart products and services. But what is possible today and what is still…hope. Dr. Michael Baeriswyl shows how the artificial intelligence team uses cutting edge AI technology to bring val...


    Moderated by Damir Bogdan, Digitalization & Innovation Lead at Activide AG Muhire Louis Antoine, Founder of Mergims.com Brad Goodall, Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer of 10x Juliette Xu, COO of SuRong360
    - Introduction by Damir Bogdan - Overview start-up scene Switzerland & worldwide, focus on Fintech companies - Case 1: Muhire Louis Antoine from mergims is presenting their project & lessons learned: Emerging markets are always playing grounds for whoever is looking for unseen, yet very profitable, opportunities. Today, Africa is the last global area to have all its dashboard signs in green, economically, socially even politically speaking. For financial actors such as bankers or insurances companies, it ll be a big mistake to miss out. Mergims, is a living example of what is now possible in Africa as there is a growing middle class looking for same good living standards as the rest of the world. - Case 2: Brad Goodall from 10x is presenting their project & lessons learned: 10x is a digital banking transformation delivery partner and creates a highly scalable, flexible, next generation full service digital banking platform - Case 3: Juliette Xu from SuRong360 is presenting their project & lessons learned: As a young generation, the university students have a lot of dreams. However, It’s hard for them to achieve them all. Because they cannot get more financial support from their parents, the banks, as well as the scholarships. Surong 360 is committed to find a solution to help on the students’ dreams. We establish a student credit system to ensure that the excellent and credible students could get the support from their alumni. - Q&A by session host and audience

  • Digitale Schweiz und ihre Herausforderungen: The Swiss C-Share

    Moderated by Johannes Höhener, Head Swisscom Digital Banking Initiatives, Swisscom Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director at digitalswitzerland Dr. Luka Müller, Legal Partner at MME Legal | Tax | Compliance
    Gemeinsame Session mit Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director, digitalswitzerland und Dr. Luka Müller, Legal Partner, MME moderiert von Johs. Höhener, Head of FinTech, Swisscom. - Was sind die Zielsetzungen und konkreten Initiativen von digitalswitzerland? - Welche Herausforderungen (Wetten) wu...

  • Can financial institutions with a banking license and respective regulations still serve the needs of the HNWI / UHNWI clientele?

    Christoph Bütikofer, Managing Partner at Bank CIC (Schweiz) AG Dr. Jürg Kallay, Founder of Swissprivate AG
    Are there other solutions, can collaborations with external Familiy Offices play a role in this set-up? In the session, we would like to discuss the needs of HNWI clients and how banks can correspond to this request.

    Externe Assest Manager im Spannungsfeld steigender Kosten, sinkender Erträge und einem Aufbrechen der Wertschöpfungskette. Wie positioniert man sich erfolgreich in diesem Umfeld?

    Walter P. Arnold, Managing Partner at EAM-Partners AG
    Diskutieren Sie mit anderen Teilnehmern aus der Finanzbranche über die Chancen, Risiken und Opportunitäten für externe Vermögensverwalter. Walter P. Arnold, ein veritabler Branchenkenner, sorgt für eine spannende Diskussion.

    Sharing Insights and learning - Transforming business for the 4th industrial revolution

    Christian Frei, Pioneer in Digital Industrial Revolution, Coach + Talent Gardener, Former Microsoft Executive
    In this moderated discussion group we will exchange insights, learnings on transforming business for the 4th, digital, industrial revolution. What are the critical elements, what has worked, what not. Conversation is moderated by Christian Frei, Digital Transformation and Executive Coach.

  • What are the critical success factors of digital banking channels going forward – and how can co-operations among banks contribute towards reaching them?

    Stephan Odermatt, Head E-Banking Innovation at UBS AG
    The strategic relevance of digital banking is increasing rapidly and strongly. However, given today's challenging market and regulatory environment, the resources available for developing leading digital channels are scarcer than ever. This discussion group will thus focus on two interrelated que...

    Corporate culture in the age of digital transformation

    René Beeler, Head Business Development at Zürcher Kantonalbank & Remo Schmidli, Head Multichannel Management at Zürcher Kantonalbank
    - How do we anchor a digital, agile mindset in our corporate culture? - How do we deal with the concerns and fears of our employees caused by the impending change or even loss of certain job profiles due to change and digital competition? - What does an employer need to offer in a (digital) fu...

    Regulatory framework for innovative business models

    Rupert Schäfer, Head of Strategic Services division at FINMA
    - Sandbox proposals and FinTech authorisation - FINMA Circular on Outsourcing - Cyber risks - Cross-border business and market access

  • The (potential) impact of blockchain on banks' business and future relevancy

    Martin Rindlisbacher, Senior Business Architect at UBS AG
    Discuss how to identify the key aspects and paradigms of blockchain deviating from today's abilities of banks. What are the potential consequences of those differences and how could the business impact be assessed? What roles could bank assume and how relevant would they be in a blockchain / trus...

  • The Entrance of Artificial Intelligence in Swiss Banking

    Dr. Claus Hintermeier, Partner Head of Banking Switzerland at Infosys Consulting AG
    Artificial Intelligence is often encountered with either great fear or visionary enthusiasm, but less so with rational thinking. This presentation aims at providing an objective view on the status and future potential of AI Technology in Swiss Banking, based on real life case studies from market leaders. Plus it encourages financial institutions to start working on an AI strategy leveraging this potential, aligned with the overall business strategy.

    How much work automation does the Banking Client really want?

    Thomas Schär, Business Development Manager at Appway
    You’re tired of providing personal information to businesses, but you still want their offering. You want it fast, because you don’t have time to wait. Forms annoy you, you are working paperless and mobile. Banks of today must provide digital services beyond onboarding and focus on the entire cli...

    How Digital can Change the Banking Model?

    Michael Rogenmoser, General Manager Switzerland & Liechtenstein at Avaloq Evolution
    Consumer behaviour has changed in the digital age. This opens up enormous opportunities for the financial services industry: ecosystems around new technologies and business models, coupled with the right investments, allow a successful positioning in digital banking. The presentation shows based ...

  • Strategic Changes - What Swiss Banks can learn from Mountaineering

    Andreas Stricker, Founder at STR CONSEIL Sàrl
    • The importance to share a vision, values and a common objective • Preparation is key • The road to success is as important as the success itself • The unexpected is part of the adventure and can be fun • “Try and Error” is not seen as failure but as a way to become stronger • Managing risk...

    World and Taste of Coffee

    Desta Daniel Kebede, Founder & CEO at DESTA'S COFFEE
    The coffee culture is in shape all over the globe. Actually, coffee is more and more becoming like wine and has even more different aroma profiles. Did you know what is behind the "brown gold"? From its origin until the cup, you will get to know as well about the economic role and additionally, ...

  • Ferrari Test Drive

    Conducted by Sven Poslusny and Matthias Schmid, Niki Hasler AG Basel
    Experience the exclusive luxury of Ferrari and take control. Ferrari combines tradition and sporting history in one. Each Ferrari is unique and manually built in the only Ferrari factory of the world : Maranello. Sign up for an exclusive test drive and let yourself be carried away into the world ...


    Dr Graeme Codrington, futurist and speaker, international director of TomorrowToday
    "I have had the privilege of working with Richmond Events in both Switzerland and the UK for the past five years, and have enjoyed every engagement. Across the board, their conference teams are professional, focused and a pleasure to work with. Each event they host is well constructed, using...


    Uli Sigg, Entrepreneur and Asian Expert
    "I am impressed by this very structured networking system – there is nothing more efficient!"


    Prof. Aymo Brunetti, Professor for economic policy and regional economics, University of Berne & President of group of experts for the Swiss financial market strategy
    "A perfectly organized event in a marvelous setting."


    Richard De Hoop, passionate entertainer, entrepreneur, author and speaker
    "As a speaker, part of the success in conveying your message, is the amount of time the conference organizer puts into the preparation and the way they take care of your wishes on stage. I can only say that Richmond Events takes excellent care of you as a speaker and I am very honoured that I co...


    Yvonne Seitz, Head Diversity, Culture & Engagement at AXA Winterthur
    "I have been working together with Richmond Events as a speaker in several conferences.The organization is professional, the environment inspiring and the networking opportunities excellent."


    Prof. Dr. Gregor Daschmann, Scientific council of «forum! Für beste Beziehungen», and inventor and author of “FAN-Prinzip”
    „Das Richmond Financial Industry Forum ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, um sich in exklusivem Kreis über aktuelle und zukunftsweisende Themen der Finanzbranche auszutauschen. Auch als Speaker habe ich durch die weiteren Vorträge, die Diskussionen und Gespräche mit den Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus...


    Luc Schuurmans, Head Private Banking (Switzerland), Member of the Executive Board at Bank Linth LLB AG
    "Richmond events excel through their professionalism: A perfect combination of high profile participants, carefully selected speakers taking place in wonderfull locations: A must for every business leader!"


    Damir Bogdan, Digitalization & Innovation Lead at Actvide AG
    "Richmond Events is after ten years already one of the most important high-level conferences within the Financial Services Industry. Meeting so many high level Executives in such short time is an added value for everyone. The Financial Forum is a must."


    Sascha Hostettler, Head of Investment and Corporate Clients, Member of the Executive Board at Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG

    "Bereits im Vorfeld des Richmond Financial Industry Forum’s hat das Organisationsteam durch einen klaren Prozess geglänzt. Die Rückfragemöglichkeiten sowie die Antwortzeiten kamen mir als Speaker sehr entgegen. Der Event überzeugte mit einem breiten Programm an aktuellen Themen vorgetragen und besucht von Entscheidungsträgern aus den jeweiligen Bereichen. Das Forum besticht auch an seiner 10. Austragung durch die Kombination von Inputs, Netzwerk und einem aussergewöhnlichen Ambiente."


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